Slawson Family Tiger Trek

Don and Judy Slawson were so inspired by seeing tigers in the wild, the family established the Slawson Family Tiger Trek at the Sedgwick County (Kansas) Zoo. There, visitors experience these fierce, magnificent and endangered creatures in a naturalistic habitat.

With 50,000 square feet, the exhibit allows Amur tigers to roam, prowl and play as they would in the wild. Featuring an observation tower, glass viewing ports and a water feature, the Trek is one of the most popular stops at the zoo, the state’s top tourist destination.

Caring for Wildlife and Habitats

Slawson Companies donated land for a unique urban wetlands park in Wichita that preserves nature in a developing area, providing educational and recreational opportunities for visitors of all ages. The wetlands at Cadillac Lake provide homes to pheasants, turkeys, such migratory birds as herons, pelicans, and other wildlife.

The company’s support for wildlife extends to Colorado’s Wild Animal Sanctuary, where more than 400 rescued lions, tigers, bears, leopards, cougars and wolves roam free in open grassland.